Browse the internet faster with Jump commands for your Chrome search bar.

give yourself superpowers and ✂️ out wasted time spent 🔍 and waiting for pages to by skipping straight to the results.

add to chrome

scroll to view commands and faq

less time searching = more time doing

give yourself superpowers and go right to the result page

built in commands

see the latest tweets about joe biden

twt joe biden

search Google Drive for your resume

gd resume

search YouTube for Wendover

yt wendover

open your calendar


company commands

open your standup zoom call


open your primary gmail inbox


search your secondary gmail inbox for resume

m2 resume

create a new calendar event

c1 new

developer commands

open your Github PRs


open your sprint board


pull up a Stripe customer


search accross all Github repos for APIClient

gs APIClient


Jumprope changes your browser search to check for the presence of special Jump commands in your search terms. If it does not find a Jump command, it defaults back to Google. For example, if you type install Jumprope and search "twt Joe Rogan", it will open tweets about Joe Rogan as opposed to Google results.

Engineers, execs, founders, investors and makers use Jumprope to speed up searching and jump right to results. It takes inspiration from a developer tool called a terminal that allows you to issue commands to specific programs.

People who spend a lot of time in the browser searching, and people who like investing in productivity.

Yes! In the future, there may be paid plans for companies.

Yes, Jumprope is committed to your privacy. In fact, the extension protects privacy by reducing the number of searches sent to Google by skipping search results pages.

Not yet, but please email if you want to test the Safari, Brave or Firefox beta versions

Yes! There are two types of commands - built in commands and company commands. Company commands are shared across your organization with anyone that signs up with an email address under your domain.