available early 2020.

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Give your Browser search bar superpowers

Jumprope makes you more productive with jump commands that pull up the most important content fast.

Sample jump commands

  • yt ariana grande
    Search youtube for Ariana Grande
  • fb christina blane
    Open Christina's FB profile
  • twt democratic debate
    Search twitter for democratic debate tweets
  • gd customer list
    Search Google Drive for customer list
Scott F - Software Engineer at Facebook

"It's like taking the terminal and putting it on your url bar."

  • gm 575 market st
    map 575 market st on google maps
  • things to do in nyc f
    pulls up the first result website instantly and skips other results
  • q
    Add this URL to your reading queue
  • q
    open your reading queue
Jonathon B - CEO at AirGarage

"Jumprope has Given me hours of my life back"

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